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shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
My first AkuRoku fanfiction (sorta)
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at June 17th, 2006 (01:54 am)

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Okay, I'm easing myself slowly into writing AkuRoku as not to screw it up since I love it so. So, these two fics aren't completely AkuRoku but the second one has good portion of it but you won't understand what's going on without reading the first one, which has a little bit of AkuRoku too... So please read! *puppy dog eyes*

Title: Under the Sea
Author: Shiny_Glor_Chan A.K.A. Kori Hime
Pairing: YuffieRiku (AxelRoxas on the side)
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories/Kingdom Hearts 2
Theme: Theme 7; superstar
Disclaimer: No owning of what belongs to the great Nomura-sama.


Sequel to Mysterious.

X-posted so sorry for the spamming of friend pages.