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shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
Threesome Fanfiction
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at June 8th, 2006 (10:12 pm)

current mood: content

Title: Of Baiting and Make Up Sex
Author: Shiny_Glor_Chan A.K.A. Kori Hime
Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, well... I think Kyuubi'd be a crazed sex pervert-fox. And threesomes would be everywhere!
Theme: 005; Oil, Sex/One's Nature Magic
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasukeSakuraNaruto
Rating: T/PG-13 for sex talk and things of the like.


I promise it's good so please give me feedback! ^-^!

Buffalo in a China Shop [userpic]
by Buffalo in a China Shop (rinnychan)
at June 8th, 2006 (10:53 am)

current mood: sleepy

Hi there, first time poster. I was just referred to this community and I still kinda can't believe it exists but, alas! I have crack to share.

After this post on chuunin, linking to a clip of Orochimaru singing Ursula's song in the Japanese version of KH2, I decided to do some crack.

Click if you dare!Collapse )

shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
New member!
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at June 8th, 2006 (10:36 am)

current mood: creative
current song: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Under Your Spell

Someone else just joined and I recognize 'em from chuunin! rinnychan! With the great Sai icon and the awesomeness! Yay! Welcome!

And now I will get back to scanning my pictures, writing fics, making icons and scanlating manga. You'll see some of that in the coming

shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
KH2 Component Analysis
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at June 7th, 2006 (10:47 pm)

current mood: contemplative
current song: Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl


Link: http://seibun.nosv.org/maker.php/13organization/

So you just type in your name and you gives what percents you are... Too bad I can't read Japanese and this community's two translators are on vacation.

And does anyone know when the next issue of GanGan comes out in Japan? I'd like to know when to expect more KH2 manga... And I'm working on scanlations when I should be working on those icons I promised. -_-;; I'm a bad mod... ;-;!

shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
New members!
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at June 6th, 2006 (12:37 am)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sacrifice {From "The Gift"}

We now have 21 members! We hit the 20 mark! I'm so excited! Thank you to all the wonderful members here for making it possible! I hope the community will continue to grow and don't be afraid to post!

Our newest members are (well, new since the last time I announced new members): xstabxbleedx, amanecer, savagegenius, demizeku_otp, peace_piper, lovelli_11, daisysparrow, and forgedmemories.

Welcome to the community and I hope you like it here.

EDIT: Excuse me, 22 members. Once I posted, I noticed ____ero__sennin had just requested to join. Welcome!

shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
Start of "213 Things Axel Is No Longer Allowed To In Organization XIII"
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at June 4th, 2006 (04:24 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Nikka Costa - Midnight

This idea spawned by this: http://community.livejournal.com/kingdom_hearts/767097.html
And that was spawned by this list of awesomeness: http://www.skippyslist.com/skippylist.html

50 things Axel can't do...Collapse )

Apocalyptic Ermine [userpic]
Manga for sale!
by Apocalyptic Ermine (doomweasel)
at June 3rd, 2006 (04:06 pm)

current mood: hopeful

To anyone who's interested: I am selling my old Shonen Jump magazines for $1.50 per issue - plus shipping, if applicable. They're all in fairly good condition (no missing/loose pages, only a few creases and tears on some of them). Buy as many or as few as you want! :D If you're missing an issue or two and want to complete your collection, I'm the gal for you.

I have all the issues from Feb 2003 (the first appearance of Naruto in SJ) through Jan 2006 (middle of the third chuunin exam), minus March 05 and November 03. If you're interested, leave a comment on this post or email me (my address is on my info page) and we'll work out the best method of payment and delivery. I'm having a garage sale next week where I will sell any SJ left, so contact me as soon as possible!

shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
Update CoM Manga
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at May 30th, 2006 (08:48 pm)

current mood: content
current song: Fleetwood Mac - Tell Me Lies

To make thing convenient for all, I shall post all the chapters of the KH:CoM manga here. Only the first 6 chapter are translated, and that was done by the amazing Aku-Tenshi. The other chapter aren't translated yet but knowing keeraa and potato_thief, one or the other is probably translating but we're just going to wait until they're done. Patience is a virtue. ...that I don't happen to have but hey, I can be a hypocrite, my community. >>;;

First 6 chapters/whole 1st volume, Translated by Aku-Tenshi: http://kh2.co.uk/?com=MV-1
Chapters 7-14/whole 2nd volume, not translated; scanned by thenena :http://thenena.livejournal.com/801.html

Oh, I've been neglecting this community for a few days but once my finals are over and I'm sure I won't fail art, >>;; which is sad since I love drawing but I'm lazy... >>;; I'll scan all my KH and Naruto art to my DevArt and post here. And my fanfiction when I get back to it. Summer is coming! Rejoice, people! ^-^!

shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at May 25th, 2006 (12:33 am)

current mood: curious

If I were to find some fanfics for Naruto or Kingdom Hearts, and translate them from Italian to English, would anyone want to read the translation? I'm bored and I want to work on my translating. >>;; Thsi is just one big excuse but yeah...

Oh, and I will place one big disclaimer before the fanfic saying who it belongs to and stuff like that. Right then... *sneaks off* Oh, and if anyone needs something translated from Italian or to Italian, I'd be happy to help... Yay for 5 day Memorial Day weekend!

shiny_glor_chan [userpic]
More KH scans
by shiny_glor_chan (shiny_glor_chan)
at May 22nd, 2006 (06:23 pm)

current mood: ecstatic
current song: Grey's Anatomy Theme

So, I found all of the Chain of Memories manga, scanned. Just needs translation. Anybody wanna take a crack at it, there are low res. and high res. scans here: http://thenena.livejournal.com/542.html

I've got all the KH manga (out in Japan so far) on my computer! *dances* 'Cept the 4th Volume of KH and a few of the last chapter of Volume 3... Anyone find raw scans of it, post it here and all shall be happy! ^-^!

EDIT: http://thenena.livejournal.com/801.html
The whole second volume there. Although, That's only chapters 7 to 14. I'd like to find chapters 4 to 6 since Aku-Tenshi released 1-3 translated. I'd like to make one big post with all the chapters in one place, to be convenient for everyone.